Presenting our latest endeavor on Swiss Ave in Dallas, TX—a captivating historic remodel that marries the past with the present. This project is a meticulous transformation of a century-old home, where modern design seamlessly intertwines with the charm of yesteryears.

With a complete overhaul of the kitchen and downstairs area, this remodel brings a fresh, contemporary essence while preserving the original details and millwork that tell the story of this home’s rich history. The result is a space that captures the essence of modern living while paying homage to its heritage.

As part of this project, we’re thrilled to introduce a pool bar and bath area that offers both leisure and convenience. The new additions harmonize with the existing structure, reflecting the same meticulous attention to detail that defines the project.

Experience a true fusion of eras—a place where modern comforts converge with time-honored elegance. Stay tuned for updates as we unveil the transformation of this remarkable Swiss Ave gem, honoring its past while embracing the future.