Purva Design Studio, based in Dallas, Texas, is a full service Architecture & Design firm making clients’ dreams a reality – quite literally. Founded by principal architect and owner, Purva Jain, the studio has earned acclaim for its ability to turn visions into captivating realities.

Embracing the classical principles of scale, proportion, detail, and function, Purva Design Studio meticulously crafts spaces that are intentional and meaningful. Whether it’s residential projects radiating warmth and personality or commercial ventures exuding professionalism, each endeavor reflects their unwavering commitment to excellence. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to understanding clients’ tastes and preferences, Purva Design Studio delivers bespoke designs that resonate deeply. Their portfolio showcases immersive environments that exceed expectations, establishing them as a leading name in Dallas and beyond.

To describe how PDS quite literally makes clients’ dreams a reality – they present via an Oculus headset instead of traditional blueprints! “When clients walk in, we hand them an Oculus headset and they enter their future home,” Purva Jain says. “They can choose to sit in any room and then talk about what they like and what they would change. They don’t have to imagine what their house will look like before a hammer and nail are touched because they have already sat in their house virtually and know what awaits around every corner.”

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