A. Michael Architecture, established in 2020 by Andrew Stiglmeier and joined by Derek Klepac in the summer of 2023, specializes in crafting extraordinary, memorable, and highly livable healthy spaces. Stiglmeier and Klepac, having honed their skills under renowned Texas architects and contributing to over 60 projects in the last decade, share a profound respect for a client-focused architectural approach.

The firm, intentionally modest in size, is dedicated to meeting each client’s unique needs. The aspiration to create distinctive legacy homes that resonate with clients’ dreams is at the heart of their approach. The AMA process involves close collaboration with project partners to ensure vision alignment, budget management, and cohesive project execution, adhering to the philosophy that beginning with innovative concepts leads to exceptional outcomes.

The firm’s design ethos is significantly influenced by its clients, with projects of various styles located in the Park Cities, North Dallas, Fort Worth, neighboring lake communities, and beyond. Emphasizing simplicity and a clear design direction, the experience of their homes starts at the street and is intent on leading you into and through the home. This procession tells that project’s unique story and elicits an emotional experience upon every visit. While emphasizing familiar classical forms, they strive to explore new and innovative design concepts that elevate and excite. The outcome is a harmonious blend of comfort, contextual relevance, and client-centricity, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ready to host a lifetime of memories.

The team at AMA finds deep fulfillment in working with their clients to create spaces that deeply impact their daily lives and family legacies. For them, the ultimate reward is client satisfaction and a distinct love for their new homes.

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