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Nixon Custom Homes is a family-owned and operated custom home builder in Dallas, Texas. Since 1989, we have been building distinctive, high-quality homes that reflect the uncompromising needs of our clients. Our reputation is built on loyalty and trust with our clients, which has been earned over decades of dedication to their families and houses.

If finding the ideal custom home builder is difficult, it's only because so many good ones thrive in Dallas. But when it comes to delivering unparalleled satisfaction, Nixon Custom Homes has few rivals. Here, our clients enjoy exceptional customer service and full transparency. As your custom home builder, we welcome all of life's surprises and strive to satisfy your demands and expectations in a new home that shows you who we are: a company that cares about excellence every step of the way.

Custom Home Building Procedure – Midway Hollow

At Nixon Homes, we understand that custom homebuilding presents its own set of challenges and that the surest way to a great home is found in a process based on trust and collaboration. We work with you throughout the design and construction process to ensure your financial and emotional investment is secure, and we manage every task and activity so you can live worry-free.

Nixon Custom Homes has been prideful in its craftsmanship since 1989. We take pride in what we do and do what we say. All of our homes are built to last with durable materials that are made for everyday use. Our efficiency will be attractive to you on your monthly utility bills, with less running cost due to our construction techniques and materials used. Our homes are not only built for the present but will be able to withstand many years of use from family and friends.


When you choose Nixon Custom Homes for your custom home project, you'll have the benefit of the expertise of our entire team. Nixon utilizes building science principles to produce well-designed, energy-efficient homes with exceptional indoor air quality. From framing to finishing, every aspect of your custom home project will be carefully planned and intentionally built. You'll enjoy a beautiful, durable structure that will meet your current needs for years to come while helping you maintain the highest levels of comfort and efficiency over time.


At this point, we'll construct the foundation and frame your house. Doors and windows will be put in, as well as all of the HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical rough-in work. Your chosen exterior building materials, such as your roofing material, will be used at this stage. We begin to choose and evaluate your custom interior design.


Nixon Custom Homes' innovative approach ensures a home is built right to last a lifetime. Our client care program covers routine maintenance on your home long after the move-in phase. Our hands-on approach, our experience, and our focus on quality craftsmanship - backed by a team that's there to help - means you end up with a custom home built to last. Because we don't just build homes. We build lifetime memories.

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Why Live In Midway Hollow?

There are numerous reasons to want to live in a high-end neighborhood like Midway Hollow, Dallas. Living in Midway Hollow is a very attractive location, with factors such as proximity to downtown Dallas and quality of life. Midway Hollow is a more affordable alternative to the nearby Park Cities and Preston Hollow neighborhoods, but with excellent proximity to their best attractions. Enjoy short drives to popular shops, restaurants, and city highlights.

Another appeal to living in the Midway Hollow neighborhood is it is nearby highly reputable private schools.

Nixon Custom Homes

Whether you’re a homeowner interested in a local builder, a designer looking for a builder dedicated to the craft, or an architect simply looking for a quality builder, Nixon Custom Homes is your source for all things custom. We take pride in our work and, more importantly, in our relationship with our homeowners. Contact us today to learn how we can build a custom home that showcases your family’s dreams while exceeding your expectations.