Custom Built Homes In University Park , Texas

Everyone dreams of a luxury custom home. At Nixon Custom Homes, we make people’s dream of home a reality. If you are looking for a home builder in University Park, we are here to help you. Our custom remodeling and renovation team always meets unprecedented standards of perfection for high performance custom homes. With our smart home builder professionals and using the highest quality craftsmanship, we create luxury custom homes that enchant and inspire. If you want to know more about our amazing architectural home design, you can contact us today!

4 Key Reasons To Invest In University Park

1. Walkable City

University Park is a walkable city that offers amazing things such as peace, quiet streets and open spaces with a good environment. If you want to live a quality of life, then you can build luxury custom homes in University Park. The city has livable constructed environments that enable residents to live full, happy, and healthy lives.

2. Facilities For Kids

Accessibility to nearby parks is essential for kids' activities. Every parent wants to provide their children the best facility. There are many kids' parks and playgrounds available in University Park such as Curtis Park, Germany Park, and Preston Hollow Park. When you buy a custom homes Highland Park, you can enjoy it with your children under the shade in the summer months.

3. Noise Levels And Air Quality

In many cities, noise levels are very high and air quality is also not good, but in University Park, you will get better quality air due to its eco-friendly environment. University Park is also the best choice for a noise-sensitive person because here the noise level is very low and you will feel an extreme level of peace of mind. When you decide to buy luxury custom homes, it ensures your better future.

4. Neighborhood

When you think about buying a high performance custom home, many factors such as demographics, surrounding schools, amenities, local culture and many others come to mind. The amenities can influence whether or not a community is a decent place to live. Central Market, Royal Blue Food, and Kroger grocery stores are also available in University Park, TX.

Work With Us To Build Your Next Custom Home In University Park

These are some reasons that can encourage you to invest in University Park. Nixon Custom Homes is a smart home builder that provides quality craftsmanship for your high performance custom home.