5 Must-Have Items That Luxury Home Buyers Want Most

The essence of a custom luxury home is not just a well-appointed home. Rather, a luxurious home is one whose amenities allow for the owner to feel like their property is superior to most. Think extreme extravagance. The word luxury home brings to mind plenty of amenities such as; pools, saunas, in-home gyms, backyard tennis courts, game rooms, fully stocked kitchens, theatre rooms, and more. But what are the items that luxury home buyers want the most? Here is a list of the top 5 luxury items home buyers want their Dallas, Texas property to include.

Top 5 Trends Home Buyers Want In Dallas, Texas

1. Home Automation Systems

When it comes to luxury homes, one of the most popular features start with home automation systems. Dallas home buyers love to see and control everything that is happening in their house, regardless of where they are. This creates a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes it more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

Luxury homes in the Dallas area typically include large living spaces, covering thousands of square footage. That’s where Enterprise Grade Networks come into play. Whether you are trying to work from home out by the pool or need to connect a device on the edge of your property - like a security system - luxury custom homes built by Nixon Custom Homes come with everything you need.

Not only are these homes built for full coverage, but they are also built to enhance what you love most about your home with a seamless automation system. With luxury comes personalization - controlling lights, window shades, & more all from a smartphone.

Because advancements in technology are made daily, it’s important to choose a Dallas home builder who can build your luxury property with the latest technologies at the forefront. The latest innovations such as smart appliances and automated lighting can add hours of comfort and convenience to your life after you’ve settled in.

2. Outdoor Living

If you thought automating a home wasn’t enough, Dallas home buyers take it a step further with luxurious outdoor living areas. From motorized shades to built-in Infratech heaters, these homes are built for outdoor entertainment. The top amenities of the ideal outdoor living space are a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and bar. Luxury home buyers in Dallas live to entertain. That’s why finding the top custom home builder in the area is the only way to turn a dream into reality.

3. Spa Like Bathrooms

The bathrooms of luxury homeowners in Dallas are designed and tailored to provide more than their intended function. Going beyond showering, these spa-like bathrooms become a place of relaxation and rejuvenation that allow for an escape from the outside world.

Custom showers with body sprays, rain heads, and digital controls are a must-have when it comes to luxury living in Dallas, Texas. Not only are these homes equipped with the latest technology when it comes to in-home therapy, but they also create a personal spa the homeowner can utilize at any time.

4. Exercise Rooms

An exercise room is still a luxury item many Dallas home buyers want in their homes. For those who spend a lot of hours behind a desk, the perfect accessory to a luxury custom home is an advanced exercise room. Since working from home has become the norm these days, advanced in-home gym equipment has become extremely popular.

Whether it is a dedicated exercise room or uniquely integrated within the designated room of your choice, having the right custom home builder for the job is a must.

5. Walk In Wine Cellars

There are two different types of wine lovers. Those who enjoy grabbing a bottle of wine from the store or sitting down at a nice restaurant. And those with the luxury of having a wine cellar built into their home. When it comes to entertaining, there’s no better way to start by walking guests through a luxurious handcrafted walk-in wine cellar.

When it comes to buying a luxury home in Dallas, Texas, home buyers seek out the properties with wine cellars first. That is why it is important to partner with a trusted custom home builder within the Dallas community that understands and knows a perfect touch of luxury is individually handcrafted specifically for that client.

Luxury Custom Home Builder In Dallas, Texas

If you’re looking for the best custom luxury homes in Dallas, then check out Nixon Custom Homes. Our award-winning company has completed hundreds of luxury home builds across Texas. To learn more about our excellent services and building practices, contact us at (214) 373-8800 today. We look forward to hearing from you.